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All Types of Scaffolding for Clients around Chelsea and Epsom

There are many reasons why you might require a scaffolder’s services. Homeowners in or around the Croydon, Kingston or wider London and Surrey areas may find themselves in need of scaffolding for work on an extension, chimney, guttering or windows. Navigate here to find out the most common reasons for requiring domestic scaffolding services.


If you’re a tradesman or commercial client, you may require scaffolding for work on new build construction projects, or perhaps the restoration of a heritage property. Click here to find out more about our commercial scaffolding services for Chelsea, Epsom and the wider London and Surrey areas. The scaffolding services we detail below are always carried out with safety as the number one priority.

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Scaffolding Services for Croydon and Kingston


Traditional Scaffolding – As one of the leading scaffolding companies in Surrey and London, we’ve erected traditional scaffolding structures in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This type of scaffolding is made up of galvanised tubes, pressed steel fittings and scaffold boards. It is erected from the ground up and is the most common form of scaffolding. Our traditional scaffolding structures have been used for a wide variety of purposes, including:


  • General Property Maintenance
  • Renovation/Refurbishment
  • Roofing
  • Extensions
  • New Builds
  • Repointing


We tailor our scaffolding services to your specific requirements; there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. So whether you need scaffolding for a mammoth commercial scheme in Croydon or Chelsea, or a humble home project in Epsom or Kingston – we’re here to help.


Support Scaffolding – This form of scaffolding is designed to support unstable and historic buildings. We’ve had clients in Epsom and Croydon request support scaffolding in instances where antiquated homes and estates have posed a risk to passers-by and surrounding property. Support scaffolding allows workers to carry out restoration work, or similar developmental activity, safe in the knowledge that the building won’t fall down due to poor structural integrity.


Lifting Scaffolding – Using mechanical or hand operated hoists, lifting scaffolding enables a scaffolder, construction worker or homeowner to transport tools or materials from the ground to where they’re working at height. The lifting scaffolding we source enables tradesmen, development firms and even D.I.Y keen homeowners around the Chelsea, Epsom, Croydon and Kingston areas to complete work in a fast, efficient and most importantly safe manner.


Shoring – Scaffolding companies carry out shoring to support a wall, structure, building or trench which is in danger of collapse. There are a variety of different of shore, all of which we can provide on an emergency basis if required. They are:


  • Raking Shores
  • Flying Shores
  • Dead Shores


Hangers – Hanging scaffolding, otherwise known as hangers, are used to enable work on properties that are too tall or awkwardly positioned for a traditional scaffolding structure to be erected. For example, the underside of a bridge or the upmost reaches of an office block. We can build extremely safe and secure hanging scaffolding structures for clients in and around the Epsom, Croydon or wider Surrey and London areas.


Temporary Roofs – Fairly self-explanatory, temporary roofs provide properties and outdoor areas with protection from rain, hail and snow. In the past we have erected temporary roofs in Chelsea and Kingston to allow for developers and tradesmen to construct new, permanent roofs on properties.


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