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Safe Scaffolding for the Kingston Area

Scaffolding companies around the Kingston and Epsom area often claim they follow stringent safety standards. We want to go one step further and show you how we go about it, for transparency’s sake. Our company takes great efforts to ensure every scaffolder working for us follows our process to a t, and our vastly experienced and highly qualified site supervisors help guarantee that nothing will go awry. Here’s how we ensure our scaffolding services are carried out in the safest manner possible.



5 Ways to Ensure Safe Scaffolding Setup


  1. Planning – We will spend time designing a scaffolding structure that fulfils your exact requirements. During the planning stage, we will consider how many people will be working on the scaffolding, the nature of the work, where needs to be accessed and how the structure will be supported. With an in-depth plan drawn up, we move on to stage two.

  2. Preparation – Any trained scaffolder will know that erecting a structure on unsound or uneven ground can be highly dangerous. When we arrive at your site in Kingston, we’ll make sure that the ground on which the scaffolding is to stand is compact and level. We will also consider the impact which wet weather may have. It’s not good enough if the ground is fine now, but could soften in heavy rain.

  3. Priorities – Although we’ve been a leading scaffolding services provider for the Kingston area for over a decade now, this doesn’t mean we cut corners or rush a job. An All Over scaffolder will always wear necessary safety equipment, such as gloves and a hard hat. They’ll go about the set-up in a safe, professional manner, installing toe-boards, access gates and handrails for maximum safety.

  4. Boarding – Scaffolding isn’t a playground! We’ve seen structures around the Kingston areas where workers have neglected using boarding at all necessary junctures. This is unsafe. We use boards and battens wherever required, no exceptions.

  5. Inspection – Before scaffolding companies hand over a structure to contractors, they’ll inspect it. This means that handrails, toe boards, planks, braces and every other element making up scaffolding will be closely examined to ensure the structure is safe. We will re-inspect it on behalf of Kingston clients following periods of bad weather, or if they believe it could have been tampered with. Our clients’ safety is a top priority, after all.


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