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Why Might You Require Scaffolding Services in Epsom?

We’re often called by Epsom homeowners who require our scaffolding services, or tradesmen looking to carry out work at height on a property. On this page we’ve looked to run through five of the most common reasons why scaffolding companies in Epsom are called in. If you’re considering investing in any of the projects below, be sure to hire a highly qualified and insured All Over scaffolder.



5 Common Reasons to Require Domestic Scaffolding


  1. Extensions – Building an extension can give you space to use for dining, entertaining, cooking and all sorts of other activities. They also improve the value of your property. If you’re in Epsom and looking to have an extension built on your home, scaffolding services will likely be required, as construction contractors will typically not work on the upmost limits of the extension unless they can do so from a solid and safe structure.

  2. Loft Conversions – It’s becoming increasingly popular to convert unused loft space into a spare bedroom or games room. Scaffolding companies often help Epsom homeowners with the process by building scaffolding, which is used to install windows that will flood the newly established room with light.

  3. Chimney Repair – Over the years, chimneys take a beating from the elements. Eventually their mortar can deteriorate, meaning they pose a hazard to property, possessions (cars especially) and people below. It’s not uncommon for an old chimney to fall off a roof altogether! If yours is showing signs of aging or is outright damaged, get a scaffolding structure set-up and get it fixed!

  4. Repointing – General brickwork can also deteriorate over time, which can not only make a property structurally unsound, but also look rubbish. If you’re looking to repoint a section of brickwork on your home in Epsom, then you may find yourself looking for scaffolding companies to help you access it. Choose ours and know the structure you get will be both safe and set-up at a competitive price.

  5. Renovations – Renovation projects often mean retiling a roof, or carrying out similar work at height. Scaffolding services providers like our own can help tradesmen accomplish this by getting them up there in the first place! So if you’re considering sprucing up your home in or around the Epsom or Kingston areas, call in an All Over scaffolder.


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