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Commercial Scaffolding Services for Croydon

Companies and contractors in the Croydon and Chelsea areas choose All Over London Scaffolding Ltd for the extra effort we make when providing scaffolding services. We don’t rush jobs, but that’s not to say we’re slow!


An All Over scaffolder always carries out their work in a safe and methodical manner, and for this reason we’ve established a fantastic reputation among scaffolding companies operating in Croydon. On this page we’ve listed a number of reasons why commercial entities and contractors request our scaffolding services.



Scaffolding for All Types of Scheme


New Builds – Developers launching new builds need scaffolding to build properties. Often margins are tight when a new scheme is underway, so companies try and save where they can. This is where we come in. Our scaffolding services are competitively priced to ensure we have an edge when competing for contracts with rival scaffolding companies in Croydon and surrounding areas.


Property Restoration – If you’re tasked with restoring a heritage property, you want a trustworthy scaffolding services company to assist you in setting up a solid structure. Unproven scaffolding companies could cause irreparable damage to a property, so it’s really not worth hedging your bets with the “cowboys”. Call up a professional scaffolder with a quality reputation, like ours near Croydon.


General Maintenance – Regular maintenance work on housing estates and office properties is required to keep them up to scratch. Need assistance accessing the upper echelons of a tall building? Hanging scaffolding, which is secured to the top of a property rather than built from the ground up, could be the scaffolding for the job. Whether you need hanging scaffolding or a more traditional structure, give our team a call.


Dial 07889 865 555 to speak to a qualified commercial scaffolder in Croydon.