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A big part of our job is setting up safe and structurally sound scaffolding for construction companies and tradesmen in and around Chelsea. On this page we’ve listed five safety tips that workers should follow to ensure they don’t suffer or cause a fall.



Safety Tips for Scaffolding Users in Chelsea


Consider Environmental Risks – If the wind starts howling and the rain starts chucking buckets, safely dismount the scaffolding. Carrying out physically strenuous work at height, in bad weather, can lead to accidents. Wait until the weather gets better and be sure to inspect the scaffolding, or if you’re unsure, call us in to do so before resuming work. This is to assess whether damage has been caused to the scaffolding following a storm, for example. If this is the case it will require repair.


Consult Your Scaffolder – Spotted something that doesn’t look quite right? A scaffolder will inspect your structure on a regular basis, but if you see anything out of the ordinary, be sure to report it to them. Our scaffolding services provider urges all Chelsea clients to phone us at any hour if they have a query or concern regarding the scaffolding we have set-up for them. While we carry out scaffolding services in a meticulous manner and have a flawless track record in terms of safety, what if it were to be vandalised? When working at height, nothing can be ruled out and you should always ere on the side of caution if your scaffolding looks or feels different to when it was first erected.


Keep Your Workplace Tidy – Untidy or unorganised construction sites are dangerous. Ensure that tools and materials aren’t left lying about, as they could cause a trip or fall from the scaffolding and injure someone standing below. The construction industry suffers from a high workplace accident rate, but when working with scaffolding among the tall buildings of Chelsea and the wider London area, you can’t afford to have one!


Proper Training – If you’re supervising a construction site in Chelsea, ensure that any worker using scaffolding is trained in how to go about it. Untrained workers could be putting their own safety at risk, while also endangering co-workers and the future of the company they’re employed by.


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